P2P Mission

Are you Prepared to Preach?

Many disciples are prepared with desire, but don’t feel prepared otherwise. The Vision of P2P (Prepared to Preach) is to create an environment in which the relevant knowledge, skills and confidence can be readily obtained

P2P Aims

  • That every participant will be personally affected by the training experience and drawn closer to God. That they will gain the confidence and enthusiasm to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God in both far-flung lands and in everyday situations at home
  • That more people will be given the opportunity to hear the Word of God expressed in truth, love and clarity. That they come to an appreciation of the Gospel and by its power find impetus to respond

P2P’s Golden Rule: From Day 1 each participant has a clearly defined destination in mind, either at home or abroad, at which they intend to apply themselves in a practical preaching environment. Many of these environments utilize the Touch to Teach (T2T) methodology, also detailed on this website