P2P SFO Leaders

Craig Blewett (South Africa) — One of the leaders of the outreach efforts in South Africa. Craig is heavily involved in the work being done in Durban, where three new ecclesias have formed since 2007, each in the previously-segregated (blacks only) townships. He is also a wonderful teacher and will be speaking at Idyllwild Bible school later that month.

Adam Byrnes (Australia) — Adam and his wife Michelle were the originators of the P2P training course. Adam has organized and led many P2P trainings in Australia, preparing volunteers for work both in places like the Cook Islands, South Africa and Cambodia, as well as domestically.

Lucas & Leona Scheepers (South Africa) — Lucas and Leona work as full time WCF missionaries in Johannesburg. Many of their efforts are centered on building Sunday school programs in the local townships as well as supporting the new Pretoria ecclesia made of mostly Congolese refugees.

Roy & Beth Lansing (USA) — Roy and Beth will be leading the T2T team to Jamaica. Their classes will be focused on training volunteers for this location.

Sandy McLeod and Kristy Robinson (USA) — Sandy and Kristy have organized and led the Vacation Bible school activities in Simi Hills. They will be training our volunteers for the Vacation Bible School to be held at the SFP ecclesia from July 11-15.

John Pople (USA), John Launchbury (USA), and Wendy Johnsen (Can) will also be leading classes on how to give the Gospel of Peace seminar, team building, and skills training for T2T activities.


Keren Robertson (USA) A longtime member of the Northern California Regional Outreach Committee, as well as an organizational wizard and probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, Keren will make sure that you are picked up from the airport, fed, housed, and taken care of while you’re here.