July 2–9, 2011
Redwood City, CA

An 8 day intensive training camp preparing volunteers for preaching activities in both developed and developing countries.

The training focuses on:

  • Sharing the Bible message: study sessions designed to assist with both competence and confidence
  • Identifying Talents: Finding ways to use our skills (music/sport/art) creatively to spread God’s message
  • Reaching Out to the Community: Sharing the gospel by participating in community service
  • Preparing for the Touch to Teach (T2T) projects: Providing specific cultural knowledge and skills


P2P SFO will be held at the San Francisco Peninsula Ecclesial hall in Redwood City, California (30 minutes south of San Francisco) from July 2–9, 2011. Dorm style accommodation, including bedding and all meals, will be provided for all volunteers. Besides the training sessions, there will also be organized outings to enjoy the San Francisco area.


$100 to help cover the costs of accommodation, food and materials for the P2P training week. Travel costs to San Francisco will be covered by the volunteers themselves.